Shortty – Simple URL Shortener PHP Script is the perfect way to shorten your long URLs using your domain, sub-domain, or custom directory like

Relying on third-party URL Shortener services can be dangerous for your business. Simply because you have no full control over your links and data.

Sometimes such service can go down, change their service plans to non-free (or introduce limits) so your permalinks are in danger and may become unavailable for your clients and partners. You can avoid this by using a simple solution – your URL Shortener script.

Shorty is a flat-file, super-fast, fully compatible with “PHP 7.xx” and “PHP 8.xx”, long URL to short URL script made in PHP. It is a very easy-to-use, highly portable script and you can customize it easily and so be in control of your links.

Shortty Features

  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Flat-file (URLs stored in files)
  • Portable and dependence less
  • Easy to deploy (in minutes)
  • No installation required
  • No database required
  • PHP 7.x and 8.x ready (fast)
  • Responsive design
  • Simplified administration
  • Link counter in page (Enable / Disable)
  • Link counter in plain text (shows the clicks only, can be Enabled / Disabled)
  • Show QR-Code for shortened URL
  • Social share shortened URL (Enable / Disable)
  • Links manager to browse/change short URLs and clicks
  • Social Accounts in the footer (Enable / Disable)
  • Additional Pages (Opens in Modal, can be Enabled/ Disabled)
  • Speed and Cache Optimized
  • Advertising banner (for Monetization, can be Enabled / Disabled)
  • Easy Google Analytics integration (just add your Universal Analytics ID)
  • Deployment instructions included
  • Relevant support (including installation)

Whether you want to use it as a personal project or a commercial one (to make money from ads) this script is a perfect choice for your better control over links!

You don’t need to rely on third-party services if you need a simple yet reliable tool for your links. With your URL shortener, you are in control of your links and you can always modify the final destination of your short links.

The Shortty URL Shortener PHP script requires the effortless installation and you will be able to deploy it within minutes.



  • Shared or VPS hosting
  • Apache Web Server
  • Apache Mod_Rewrite enabled
  • PHP 7.x or PHP 8.x

Shortty – Simple URL Shortener PHP Script


  1. Upload everything from folder Upload to your server (using an FTP program or your hosting file manager)
  2. Go to (default login: admin / default password: demo123)
  3. Edit site_url parameter to your own Shortty URL location (like
  4. Done! (you can customize a few more things if you want, like setting a password for shortening URLs, social media, etc.)


Before (or after) uploading all files to your server, edit the file your_install_directory/inc/config.php and change the variable values for $admin_username and $admin_password

“your_install_directory” – this is the path on your server where you uploaded all the script files.

You can edit the config.php file with any text editor of your choice like default Windows Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime Text, VS Code, etc.


Hosting providers (paid):

  • Hetzner (cheap and reliable Shared hosting and VPS)
  • Vultr (cheap and reliable VPS)
  • Virmach (very cheap and reliable VPS)

Hosting providers (free):

Domains (free and paid):


This script is intended to be used for personal and business websites with a moderate amount of visitors. For large websites (i.e. millions of visitors per month) it is recommended to use an alternative script that stores links in a database i.e. MYSQL.

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