When you purchase an item from UploadsMarket, you are actually purchasing a license to use that item. In order to understand our licenses, please read the following details.

Paid License

If not directly specified by the seller/owner/author – all our paid items are covered by Personal, Standard, Extended and Developer licenses.


Use for print
Single work/website/app
Up to 5 works/websites/apps
Unlimited works/websites/apps
Commercial use
Back link removal
Selling & Reselling
Separate sale of elements

Free License

The free license grants you the exclusive right to use and incorporate these files in your personal or commercial projects under the following conditions:

  • All uses of these free items must contain an attribution link back to or the specific download page of this resource.
  • You may use this resource or adaptations of this resource in commercial or other projects for single-application or multi-use applications, however if the application is multi-use (i.e. a commercial app or theme) then the attribution must be clearly visible on all pages or areas where the resource is used.
  • You MAY NOT distribute, sell or resell this resource, or its derivatives, and you may not upload this resource to other websites. All sharing of this resource must be done using a link to the UploadsMarket item page.


Item – Anything you purchase and download on UploadsMarket is considered an item.

End-product – An end-product is what you build using the item you have purchased. Examples of end-products includes websites and applications.

Free – No fee is paid by the end user to access the End Product. The End Product is not sold. No fee is paid to subscribe to a service that includes the End Product (eg a website subscription fee).

Sell / Sold – Sell, license, sub-license or distribute for any type of fee or charge.

If you have any questions about licenses or need help please visit our Support Desk.