SIMG – Simple Image Hosting PHP Script is the perfect way to host your images for your projects or you can use it as a separate image hosting service.

Relying on third-party image hosting service can be dangerous for your business. Sometimes such a service goes down or change images permalinks and your images become unavailable. You can avoid this using a simple solution – your own image hosting script.

SIMG is a super fast, fully compatible, easy to use and highly portable script written in PHP.

SIMG Features:

  • Lightweight & Fast
  • PHP 7 Speed Ready
  • Responsive Design
  • No database required
  • Easy to install & deploy
  • Direct Link  Enable / Disable
  • BB-Code Enable / Disable
  • HTML Code  Enable / Disable
  • Social Sharing  Enable / Disable
  • Social Accounts Enable / Disable
  • Additional Pages (Opens in a Modal)
  • Force SSL / HTTPS Options
  • GZIP Compression & Cache Optimized
  • File Manager for browsing uploaded images
  • Enable & Disable Ads for Monetization
  • Easy Google Analytics integration
  • Installation Instructions included
  • Fast & Relevant Support

Checkout Live Demo

Whether you want to use it as a separate project to make money from ads or you have a blog or a forum – this script is a perfect choice!

The SIMG PHP script requires effortless installation and you will be able to deploy it within minutes.

While CMS-es like WordPress creates a lot of different file versions for different sizes you may need only one size and one file. And there is no need to host a lot of files – just that nice jpeg or png image you created for your blog or forum post.

An idea for you is to host your images on a sub-domain like In this case, you are in full control of your images. You can delete or replace them whenever you need.

If you are a website owner – you can now easily host images yourself – relay on your own web space, server or VPS, your own links and make your images always available on the web! And for this purposes you have Simple Image Hosting!

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